My name is Helen Free but I am more commonly known by my design name of Enfys. Enfys (pronounced Enn-viss) is Welsh for Rainbow and, as you can tell from my designs, I love Rainbows and colour.

I was born and bred in South Wales, in and around Cardiff but in the New Year of 2004 moved to Cambridgeshire, England after meeting a lovely man online.

I started crocheting as a child, my Dad taught me. I was never very serious about it. I got back into it in my early 20’s. I had just bought a house, couldn’t afford to go out and needed something to occupy my evenings. I started getting requests for items I had made and, in an effort to make ends meet when the interest rates went sky high, decided to make items to sell.

I hadn’t even considered there would be a market for the patterns until I started getting requests for them. I was always good at just “making things up as I went along” and never thought of it as designing until I discovered the wonderful world of crochet online. I met a group of lovely ladies who encouraged me to write down my designs and sell them.

My first pattern, the Rainbow Afghan, was a success and still remains my best seller. I love designing things for children and there are now a whole load of bright and cheerful puppet patterns to choose from, as well as some garden sized games. My alpabet mobiles were featured in “Inside Crochet” in 2011.

Then I discovered the wonderful world of thread and have tried my hand at designing jewellery. I also experimented with working directly into fabric to produce clothing and have designed Lacy Lingerie in sizes up to a UK 22.

I have a few patterns dedicated to Scrapbooking, although the motifs in them can be used for embellishing clothes and other items as well as your Scrapbooking Layouts.

My most recent patterns have been Crotat. Crochet Tatting is a form of tatting which is done with a crochet hook. However, it is totally unique in the way it also combines crochet. If you want to learn how to do it, I have a free “How to Crotat” download.

Rainbow Valley Crochet


I am Enfys and I design unique crochet patterns. I love colour and my favourite things to crochet are Rainbows. I love designing bright and cheerful things for children. I also scrapbook and have combined this with crochet with a fun range of motifs to use in scrapbooking, cardmaking and anything else you would like to use them for.